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  "your simply beautiful"

by Jordan381 2010-02-11 04:50:24 :: Posts:0

I can't believe this blog is empty...???

Irina... to say that you are beautiful would simply be to state the obvious... but I think your beauty goes beyond words which may sound cliche, but I truly mean that.

I think I appreciate beauty with a keen eye... the subtle things that many may over look... the lines of your arms, the lines of your body, your flat stomach, your pretty face, especially with your hair down... of course your obvious charms and God given good looks... but you have that "it" factor as well...!!!

Best of luck with your career and life... ( I don't think you need it ) I'm sure you will be a top supermodel that will be around for a very long time... stay happy, healthy and the rest will fall into place...

I made up a word for my 14 year old daughter... she's beautiful young girl... I call her "Adora-gorga-ful"

Adorable-gorgeous- and- beautiful all wrapped into "1" word....  I'm not sure yet for you...???   Hum...

Let's see... "still no words" yet I guess.... not sure how to mix "stunning-beautiful-sexy-pretty-hot-gorgeous and nice" all into one word.... oh well... any ideas...???     

Sincerely - Jordan

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