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  Megan Fox Likes to Hunt!

by Daniel Rabbit 2008-11-11 03:01:40 :: Posts:0

Hello, peoples!! I hear this is a great place to meet Megan Fox fans, and talk about how great Megan Fox is, so here I am! I am her biggest fan of all! Bigger than all of you combined. I have seen all of her movies at least twice each, and I have all her Japanese commercials for dried squid chips on tape for frequent watching. Megan Fox is the way to go! Her Lois Lane was way better than Margot Kidder’s!

One thing: I rented Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound”, and she wasn’t in it at all. Just a bunch of crummy cartoon animals. I mean, what is this? Her name’s in the title! That’s a serious rip off if you ask me. I wonder if she even knows about it. Someone should do something! Disney’s just using her fame to make a profit. We can’t stand for it!

BTW, I heard that Megan’s an avid boar hunter. Can anyone confirm this? My source (the internet) tells me she recently bagged a 400-pounder! Normally, I’d protest, but apparently she uses every single part of the animal; she makes vests out of the skin, stomach hats, hoof earrings, and even eyeball goggles. Just like the natives of America!  She’s supposed to go on Oprah and talk about it, but I’m not sure when. If anyone knows, give me the info. I want to see!

Let’s all praise Megan Fox for her talents! She is the future of the film industry, and of hunting wild pigs with a crossbow. I will be her fan for always. You know it! Hooray for Megan! Make me a vest!

Megan’s Biggest Fan,

Daniel Rabbit

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