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  Eva Longoria Interview In Latina Magazine

by Dggddfgfdgfd 2008-08-12 12:38:41 :: Posts:0
The multi-dimensional star opens up to us about growing up on a Texas farm, the beauty pageant that changed her life, and her picture-perfect marriage to Tony Parker. Domesticated housewife? Red carpet royalty? She's both—and a whole lot more. Our September covergirl Eva Longoria Parker talks exclusively to about everything from her humble youth, the beauty pageant that changed the course of her life, and—of course—Tony. On being a wife: "I'm a 1950s housewife. I love baking. I love sewing. Being home with Tony. My mother was like that. Always took care of her husband. I always admired and wanted to do that." On being constantly followed by the paparazzi: It's invasive and it sucks at times. I don't alter my plans or my life around it. I'm not going to not go on a boat trip because paparazzi may or may not be watching. I'm not going to not wear something because paparazzi will turn it into I'm pregnant. On her evolving taste in music: It's funny, but I didn't even know hip-hop existed before Tony. I love hip hop now. Only because of Tony. I was from Texas. I listened to country. I'm a big fan of the Eighties and Madonna. I was a headbanger. Megadeath, Killing is Our Business...and Business is Good. That was my first album. Metallica was the first concert that I ever went to. Oh! And I was a huge Menudo fan. On her strict upbringing in San Antonio: We weren't allowed to eat out. My dad refused to let us eat at restaurants or fast food. Our big treat was Dominoes pizza. We would sneak out and go get pizza. On how winning a beauty pageant changed her life: I love pageants. In Texas, it's like the culture. If you're a woman, you have to do pageants. If you're a boy, you have to be a football player. In my pageant package, I won a trip to Hollywood to compete in a talent competition. And I said, I'm going to go. It would be fun to go for a week to Hollywood. So I came, and I never went home. I fell in love with L.A. I happened to become an actor and it was really all so fast. I didn't even go home to pack. I had my mom send my clothes. I never went back. On her love for food: I've always been a foodie. And especially when I met Tony because he's French, he's a big wine guy. We've really gotten into wine. On cooking for Tony: I make everything. His favorite dish is lemon pepper chicken with a lemon pasta sauce that I make. He could eat that everyday. I'm a big cook. On getting tattoos: I would love more, but because I'm acting I have to keep them covered. I have my wedding date in Roman numerals on the inside of my wrist. I have a star, pisces, a cross on my back, a nine on my neck, and a rose on my back as well. On her summer nuptuals to Tony Parker last July: The wedding was absolutely magical. I wish I could have a wedding every year. On her first job, at Wendy's: I worked there for six years! It was my high school job. I loved it. And I still love them. They are an amazing organization. I still keep in touch with my manager from when I was 14. They are just great to me. I wanted to have a quinceanara, so I went to Wendy's to work to pay for my own quinceanara. I stayed. I paid for my cheerleading and everything through that. It was like whatever you want to do outside of school, you have to pay for it. I never had a car because I was always trying to save. On inheriting her parents' work ethic: They were like, if you want something you work for it. Nothing's ever been handed to anyone in my family. My parents are the hardest working people that I never knew. They are retired now. Latinos are hard workers.

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