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  What Happened To Leann Rimes?

by Oleg Scu 2007-11-08 10:52:20 :: Posts:0
photo courtesy of PR Photos/

LeAnn Rimes was on Dancing with the Stars tonight looking pretty scary. The above photo of LeAnn is from the Redbook 2007 Strength and Spirit Awards (a little over two weeks ago).

When she performed her old hit, "How Do I Live," it didn't sound the best I've heard from her, but she was a bit better during her second song.  I just couldn't get over the change in her face.  It might've been just a really bad makeup job, but it was awful.  I felt for her.

Regarding the elimination night on Dancing with the Stars, no surprises there.  I still miss Sabrina on the show though.  I'm not giving away who got the boot this week because I apparently upset a few readers out there last week so I'll keep the non-surprise quiet.
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by Joseph Platosz 2008-09-03 19:31:27 :: Posts:0

What happened to your "Class" Oleg  ?? You lost it somewhere,what a terrible thing to say....Don't listen to these kind of people LeAnn,your very attractive,and always will be....I'm a huge Fan of yours!!,Love your music , your voice,as well as your sexy looks. Wow ,What a lucky guy Dean is!!  I have enjoyed very much seeing you perform at the Mohegan Sun Casino,as well as Florida (Strawberry Fest.) ,"when it was freezing" ,about 2yrs. ago,March 2006, I believe... At, Mohegan Sun Casino, I was the guy,asking you to please sing,  I BELIEVE IN YOU , Leann,one of your best songs,you  finally sang it,and what a great job,you sang it with ALL yOUR HEART......At your last concert at Mohegan,you mentioned to the fans ,that if they wanted to hang out with the band,and meet you,to write "on-Line",here at your website..... Well,here I am,I would love to meet the band ,as well as yourself,maybe a backstage pass,or  front row tickets, to your next show at Mohegan Sun!!   Luv Your Music,and your Band!!  Please Write a Reply if you like!     Joe Platosz, Suffield,Ct.

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by Joseph Platosz 2008-09-03 19:46:18 :: Posts:0

They won't let me post an e-mail address ,so ,here's snail mail....203 Ratley Rd. Suffield,Ct. 06093.

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