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  Is Megan Fox Starting To Bug You?

by KopjeLeighc 2008-06-23 10:24:07 :: Posts:0

Megan Fox made her mark last Summer when she starred in Transformers, and since then she's been popping up all over - from awards shows to hot lists. Now, she's filming the second Transformers movie, and can't seem to keep her mouth shut about how big and awesome the movie is, making sure to note that her job is to just look hot.  Between that and her acceptance speech at the MTV movie awards, tell us - is Megan Fox starting to bug you?


       Is Megan Fox Starting to Bug You?   Yes - She's not that big of a star and she's already full of herself!  No - I think she's hot and is just excited about her movie.  Maybe - But I always thought she was trying too hard.  Other - I'll tell you below in .
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