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  Katherine Heigl Swears She's Not The Next Julia Roberts

by AcCassandra 2008-04-02 14:56:20 :: Posts:0
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Katherine Heigl says that the critics who've been calling her the next Julia Roberts are wrong and insists the comparison is "insulting" to Julia.  Katherine's latest films have been well-received which is why people have been comparing her to the Pretty Woman star. She said:

"I can't help but feel that's (the comparison) is a little insulting to Julia Roberts. There's not another woman who I look at and think, 'That's it, that's whose career I want to have.' "I'm just me and trying to do the best I can in every decision in any given moment".

I also think it's unfair for people to start calling her the next Julia Roberts.  She hasn't made enough movies yet and that's a lot of pressure.  I'm sure she has got to be flattered by even mentioning their names in the same sentence though.

Katherine is also denying rumors that she is planning to quit Grey's Anatomy. Good, because I love Izzy's character. I can't wait for Grey's to be back on!

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