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  fragile, but heavy on the personality

by robert zabolotnji mr. 2008-05-09 23:08:12 :: Posts:0

i don,t who am i sending this message but i became very pleased about Jennifer Rubin!She,s very cute, very tender, so classy!I,m from Macedonia and i recently get information about her and i,m delightful to see someone like her preety rare these days!My occupation is music[jazz,soul, funk,latin over 5000 lp,s and i run the store with audio equipment}so i wonder what is music choice of Jennifer?Also i,m interesting how she spend a day, what is she into it now,does she,s happy with her life cause she really deserve it!Looks to me she,s very close,very honnest &modest to her personality,so i would like to know much about her!Best regards and thank you for paying attention

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