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Mark Wahlberg
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Nickname: Mark Wahlberg / Marky Mark / Marky Mark / Monk D
Known for: Boogie Nights / The Departed / The Italian Job
Birth name: Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg
Birthday: 5 June 1971, Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)

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Male bondage-entourage-u can relate

I believe you above all people in hollywood can relate to four male friends trying to make it in hollywood; while trying to make it in thus town. CAST ME IN ANY MOVIE AND I WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. AND MY FRIENDS WILL BACK ME UP. We are the real life entourage. We will whow you what friendship is all about. Look ... Read More » Male bondage-entourage-u can relate

Mark Wahlberg Plans To Get Hitched Next Year

Picture Inside.
photo courtesy of PR Photos/www.prphotos.comMark Wahlberg and his longtime girlfriend/baby mama Rhea Durham, who are expecting their third child together in September, are planning to get hitched next summer. He revealed to People:"She wants to wait until after the baby. We've been very fortunate. We've waite... Read More » Mark Wahlberg Plans To Get Hitched Next Year

Mark Wahlberg's Beckham Anger

Picture Inside.
Mark Wahlberg wants David and Victoria Beckham to leave Los Angeles.The 'Boogie Nights' actor claims the couple are causing a huge disturbance in his neighbourhood because of the constant attention surrounding them.Wahlberg is furious with the photographers hanging around his back garden trying to get a pictu... Read More » Mark Wahlberg's Beckham Anger

Marky Mark Is Ready For Some Payne

Picture Inside.
Mark Wahlberg gave a wave from the set of his new movie Max Payne in Toronto yesterday.In this film, he plays a cop who is chased by the police and the mob after being framed for murder.We love seeing Mark being a badass like in The Departed, but we'd love to see him take on a romantic comedy every once in a ... Read More » Marky Mark Is Ready For Some Payne

The Happening Teaser Trailer

Picture Inside.
In the 20th Century Fox release, starring Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo and Betty Buckley, a couple goes on the run from an apocalyptic crisis that presents a large-scale threat to humanity.Shyamalan’s first R-rated feature will hit theaters worldwide on Friday, June 13th, 2008. Read More » The Happening Teaser Trailer

Entourage Celebrates Season Four

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All the boys, including executive producer Marky Mark, came out for the NYC premiere of Entourage's 4th Season. Billy Joel walked the red carpet as well as Ralph Macchio who was also in a past episode of the show. Hayden Panettiere looked adorable and was one lucky girl since the ladies were pretty outnumbere... Read More » Entourage Celebrates Season Four

Celebrity Sighting: Mark Wahlberg Short And Sweet

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We're big fans of Marky Mark, so imagine how excited we were to hear a very sweet story from one of our fabulous readers who was lucky enough to bump into him outside a taping for the Jimmy Kimmel show.Turns out Mark is so down to earth and just as nice as we'd hope he would be.Here's more:Hey, I thought I'd ... Read More » Celebrity Sighting: Mark Wahlberg Short And Sweet

Marky Mark Is Happening

Picture Inside.
Mark Wahlberg premiered his new film Shooter in London yesterday. While the film hasn't done spectacularly in the states there's always hope it will be a hit with an international audience. In any event, Mark's career is definitely on the up and up, especially after his Oscar nominated part in The Departed. H... Read More » Marky Mark Is Happening

Wahlberg Shoots, Barely Scores

Rapper-turned-underwear model-turned actor Mark Wahlberg promotes his new film Shooter with director Antonie Fuqua (pictured after the jump) at Hotel Santo Mauro on Wednesday in Madrid, Spain.So far, Shooter has made back a decent $17 million out of its a $61 million production budget.Shooter co-stars Danny G... Read More » Wahlberg Shoots, Barely Scores

Mark Brings The Og Entourage To Anderson & Kelly

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Mark Wahlberg, the producer of and inspiration for Entourage, brought his very own posse to his interview on the Regis & Kelly (but today, while Regis is in recovery, Anderson Cooper & Kelly) show on Wednesday. Mark was there to promote Shooter, but his people were not to be left behind. Plus, it's pr... Read More » Mark Brings The Og Entourage To Anderson & Kelly

Mark Wahlberg news
Mark Wahlberg Got Wife New Series Of 'girls'
Fri, 10 Jan 2014 03:35:11 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg got his wife six advance episodes of the upcoming series of 'Girls' for Christmas.

The 'Lone Survivor' star's wife, Rhea Durham, with whom he has four children, Ella, 10, Michael, seven, Brendan, five, and Grace, four, is a huge fan of the HBO series and was thrilled to be able to watch the third season a few weeks before the first episode premieres in the USA next Sunday (12.01.14).

Mark Wahlberg: Fifty Shades Cost Too Much
Wed, 08 Jan 2014 18:31:16 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg was ''blown out'' of getting the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie rights because it was too expensive.

The 'Ted' actor was in talks to acquire E.L. James' best-selling trilogy for his production company, but a ''bidding war'' meant he lost out to Universal Pictures and Focus Features.

Donnie Wahlberg: I Was The Good Son
Fri, 03 Jan 2014 18:28:09 | Rate news: +0
Donnie Wahlberg was the ''good son'' growing up.

The 44-year-old actor watched many of his siblings, including fellow famous brother Mark Wahlberg, arrested numerous times while a youngster in Massachusetts, but the 'Blue Bloods' star tried not to follow in their mischievous footsteps.

Mark Wahlberg Goes To Church Twice
Wed, 18 Dec 2013 11:37:09 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg often goes to church twice on Sundays.

The 'Lone Survivor' star, who has four children, Ella, 10, Michael, seven, Brendan, five, and Grace, three, with his wife Rhea Durham, is extremely religious and his Catholic faith is ''the most important'' part of his life.

Mark Wahlberg -- Still A Pain In The Neck
Fri, 13 Dec 2013 03:14:01 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg is still feeling the pain after putting his neck on the line while filming "Transformers: Age of Extinction" back in October -- stepping out in Hollywood Wednesday with a neck brace.Wahlberg didn't hurt his neck while performing some…

Mark Wahlberg's Mother Is Not Speaking To Him
Thu, 05 Dec 2013 09:31:28 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg has revealed he has fallen out with his mother.

The 'Lone Survivor' star, who has five brothers, two sisters and three half-siblings, admitted his mum, Alma Wahlberg, who has often accompanied him to red carpet events and premieres in the past, is ''not speaking'' to him at the moment but did not give a reason for their tiff.

Mark Wahlberg -- I Love Tom Cruise ... But He Needs To Shut Up
Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:12:48 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg says he wasn't specifically targeting Tom Cruise when he railed on actors who compare their jobs to soldiers at war -- but he STILL thinks Tom needs to shut the hell up.Wahlberg -- who was tooling around L.A. Wednesday -- said he…

Mark Wahlberg -- Actors Comparing Themselves To Soldiers -- 'how F**king Dare You!' [video]
Thu, 14 Nov 2013 03:14:36 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg lashed last night, saying "For actors to sit there and talk about 'oh I went to SEAL training?  I don't give a f**k what you did."Wahlberg was speaking at the AFI Fest in L.A., when someone asked a question about the rigorous…

Mark Wahlberg -- Actors Comparing Themselves To Soldiers -- 'how F**king Dare You!'
Wed, 13 Nov 2013 18:12:59 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg lashed out at Tom Cruise -- somewhere between directly and indirectly -- last night, saying "For actors to sit there and talk about 'oh I went to SEAL training?  I don't give a f**k what you did."Wahlberg was speaking at the AFI…

Jerry Ferrara -- Don't Blame Me Mark Wahlberg ... I'll Do 'entourage' Movie For Free
Sat, 19 Oct 2013 03:14:05 | Rate news: +0
1:00 PM PT -- Adrian Grenier shed some light on the "Entourage" feud ... saying, "It has, & never will be about the money for me. I promise." However on his Instagram, AG added ... the issue really is about money ... but for the entire cast --…

Mark Wahlberg -- 'greedy' People Holding Up 'entourage' Movie
Tue, 15 Oct 2013 18:12:13 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg -- who inspired and executive produced "Entourage" -- finally revealed the REAL holdup on the "Entourage" movie ... certain people are being way too greedy.There's been talk of an "Entourage" flick ever since the HBO series wrapped…

Mark Wahlberg Sells Beverly Hills Mansion
Tue, 01 Oct 2013 18:30:16 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg has sold his Beverly Hills home.

The 'Pain & Gain' actor has finally unloaded his lavish Mediterranean-style villa, which came with a price tag of $12,995,000 five years after he first put it on the market in 2008.

Mark Wahlberg Graduates From High School
Wed, 18 Sep 2013 03:30:12 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg has earned his high school diploma.

The 42-year-old actor, who dropped out of school when he was a teenager, secretly been taking classes online last year and graduated over the summer.

Mark Wahlberg: Jail Was A Wake-up Call
Sun, 01 Sep 2013 11:27:22 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg admits going to jail was a ''wake-up call''.

The 42-year-old actor was sentenced to two years imprisonment - of which he served 45 days - after he pleaded guilty to assault for attacking a Vietnamese man when he was just 16, and he says the harsh punishment forced him to turn his life around.

Mark Wahlberg Embarrassed By Underwear Modelling
Mon, 19 Aug 2013 07:24:43 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg isn't looking forward to his children discovering his ''underwear modelling'' career.

The 42-year-old star - who has children Ella, nine, Michael, seven, Brendan, four and three-year-old Grace with wife Rhea Durham - admitted it will be ''embarrassing'' once his offspring start to ask questions about his brief time as a model.

Mark Wahlberg Feels Pain Of Action Roles
Fri, 16 Aug 2013 07:24:09 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg finds action scenes more punishing now he's older.

The 42-year-old actor admits it has become harder for him to shoot the rough-and-tumble movies he's known for now he is in his 40s and he's ready to slow down.

Mark Wahlberg's Wife Hates His Sex Scenes
Thu, 15 Aug 2013 07:25:32 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg's wife doesn't like his sex scenes.

The 42-year-old actor tries to avoid having to act out sexual encounters on the silver screen because his wife Rhea Durham - with whom he has children Ella, nine, Michael, seven, Brendan, four and three-year-old Grace - doesn't approve.

Mark Wahlberg Gets Nervous When Wife Visits
Sat, 10 Aug 2013 18:25:23 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg gets nervous if his wife visits him on set.

While the 35-year-old actor was shooting '2 Guns' in New Mexico, he asked his wife Rhea Durham to accompany him to the city but to avoid the set because he feels uncomfortable working in front of her.

Mark Wahlberg Makes His Wife Vomit With Work Outs
Wed, 31 Jul 2013 13:25:21 | Rate news: +0
Mark Wahlberg makes his wife Rhea Durham ''throw up'' when he trains with her.

The fashion model can't keep up with her super-fit spouse in the gym and she prefers not to exercise with him.

P. Diddy Appreciates Female Fans
Fri, 21 Jun 2013 13:24:29 | Rate news: +0
P. Diddy has grown to appreciate his female fans.

The 'Coming Home' hitmaker - who has five children - has mellowed now he is 43 and no longer has wild and crazy parties backstage.

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