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Jude Law
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Known for: Cold Mountain / Closer / The Talented Mr. Ripley
Birth name: David Jude Law
Birthday: 29 December 1972, Lewisham, London, England, UK
Height: 5' 10" (1.80 m)
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very importante

haw are you? Read More » very importante

very importante

haw are you? Read More » very importante

Jude's Lid's Been Enhanced

Picture Inside.
Jude Law has a full head of hair again.Not too sure whether it's been surgically or digitally enhanced. In advertising campaigns for Dunhill and Dior, the actor's receding hairline has been airbrushed into a luxuriant crop. The widow's peak so starkly evident in more recent photos has been filled in. The styl... Read More » Jude's Lid's Been Enhanced

That's Exactly What I Was Thinking

Picture Inside.
Jude Law has that huh?-look on his face when he was caught by the paps in London this morning.Why is it that the hairy guys are the ones to lose it on their head first?Jude was a hottie.If he grew five inches, lost the arm and chest hair, and wasn't such a cheating slut, he could have been perfect.Now he's ba... Read More » That's Exactly What I Was Thinking

Jude Law's address

Hiya Folks!Does anybody know his address? I only now that he lives in London but I so wanna send him a letter... I dont have much time left and just wanna tell him what I think... Hope any1 can help me...Thanks in advance, Kess Read More » Jude Law's address

Jude Law Appreciated The Public Humiliation?

Picture Inside.
photo courtesy of PR Photos/www.prphotos.comJude Law is thankful to a British newspaper for revealing him for the lying, cheatingplayer he had been because he claims it has helped him realize he needed to change.According to Contact Music, after Jude was exposed for being caught in having group sex during his... Read More » Jude Law Appreciated The Public Humiliation?

Jude Law Has A Bad Hair Day

Picture Inside.
Jude Law was spotted walking around Yorkville in Toronto on his day off from filming his latest movie, "Repossession Mambo".He may still be kinda hot, but his hair is definitely not.He should just shave it completely off or try something else because this hairdo is just not complimenting him eh?Source Read More » Jude Law Has A Bad Hair Day

Jude Law's New Haircut

Picture Inside.
Jude Law was showing off his new haircut at the Peace One Day Concert in London on Friday. I am not too crazy about his new look. I think his messy haircut looked much better. Do you like his new do? Vote on Polls Boutique.Source Read More » Jude Law's New Haircut

Jude Law's Dating A German Underwear Model?

Picture Inside.
Jude Law has moved onto another woman, a 26 year-old German underwear model, Susan Hoecke.They looked pretty cozy during their romantic dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Berlin. Jude is so smooth with the ladies isn't he? I guess it's easy for him because he's still hot!Source Read More » Jude Law's Dating A German Underwear Model?

Sienna Miller Life Wth Jude Law Was Like A "sitcom...

Picture Inside.
Twenty8Twelve by s.miller Spring/Summer 2008 Launch PartyThe 'Factory Girl' star shot to fame when she began dating the handsome actor in 2004 and insists the press attention got out of control.Sienna told Britain's OK! magazine: "I was well known before I'd had a film released. And I was part of a soap opera... Read More » Sienna Miller Life Wth Jude Law Was Like A "sitcom...

Jude Law news
Jude Law: My Children Keep Me Sane
Sun, 05 Jan 2014 03:24:30 | Rate news: -1
Jude Law's children keep him sane.

The actor - who is currently starring on stage in Shakespeare's 'Henry V' in London - claims his four children; Rafferty, 17, Iris, 13 and Rudy, 11, with ex-wife Sadie Frost and four-year-old daughter Sophia Lee with model Samantha Burke, are ''in equal parts delighted and embarrassed'' by his job but also the force which keeps him grounded.

Jude Law Fed Up Of Intrusion
Mon, 04 Nov 2013 03:28:28 | Rate news: +1
Jude Law is fed up of his private life overshadowing his career.

The 40-year-old actor, who was previously engaged to Sienna Miller, has four children with his ex-wife Sadie Frost and a daughter with American model Samantha Burke, believes public perception of him is largely fuelled by ''untrue'' information about his relationships.

Jude Law Skipped School For Cinema
Sat, 05 Oct 2013 18:24:46 | Rate news: -1
Jude Law used to ''bunk off'' school to watch movies.

The 40-year-old actor - who attended Alleyn's School, in Dulwich, south London, before joining Corelli College, which specialised in the Arts - admits he was a ''film geek'' who skipped class to watch the latest hits.

Jude Law Felt Free Being Naked On Dom Hemingway Set
Tue, 01 Oct 2013 07:23:55 | Rate news: -1
Jude Law found being naked on the 'Dom Hemingway' set ''a wonderful release''.

The 40-year-old actor who stars as lead Dom Hemingway in the film of the same name has a couple of nude scenes, one of which shows him walking through what appears to be a vineyard, and he found filming these had a great kind of freedom.

Calvin Harris And Rita Ora Enjoy The Sunset
Wed, 15 May 2013 13:25:11 | Rate news: -1
Calvin Harris led Rita Ora to the top of The Shard to watch the sunset.

The 29-year-old DJ was meant to be enjoying Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' playback party at the iconic London venue on Monday (13.05.13) but he slipped away from the bash on the 69th floor to enjoy some private time with his new pop star girlfriend on the 72nd floor of the skyscraper.

Joey Lawrence -- Was In 'a.i.'?
Wed, 01 May 2013 03:15:39 | Rate news: +1
Here's former child star turned perfectly bronzed and coiffed "Splash" host Joey Lawrence in L.A. on Monday (left) -- and Jude Law as the humanoid robot Gigolo Joe in the 2001 flick "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" (right).Whoa.We're just sayin'.

Jude Law Has Never Taken Painkillers
Fri, 19 Apr 2013 13:26:14 | Rate news: -1
Jude Law has never taken drugs - even prescription ones.

The 40-year-old actor - who plays a psychiatrist who prescribes a disturbing new drug in Steven Soderbergh's thriller 'Side Effects - claims he never even takes headache tablets because his mother believed in healthy living and had banned them when he was growing up.

Jude Law Sues Fireplace Company
Fri, 15 Mar 2013 09:26:22 | Rate news: -1
Jude Law is suing a Canadian fireplace company.

The 'Anna Karenina' actor has claimed Paloform have illegally used his face in advertising on its website, Facebook page and Pinterest account and has filed documents in LA County Superior Court seeking unspecified damages.

Jude Law Sues Fireplace Company -- I'm Too Hot For You!
Fri, 15 Mar 2013 03:12:48 | Rate news: +1
Jude Law is HEATED over allegations his face has been hijacked by a Canadian fireplace company ... and now, he's filed a lawsuit.Jude filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming Paloform illegally used his face in advertising on its…

Jude Law: People Assume I'm A Playboy
Thu, 14 Mar 2013 13:24:18 | Rate news: -1
Jude Law says people ''assume'' he's a playboy.

The 40-year-old actor - who has three children, Rafferty, 16, Iris, 12, and Rudy, 10, with ex-wife Sadie Frost and three-year-old daughter Sophia with model Samantha Burke - gained the reputation of being a lothario after cheating on actress girlfriend Sienna Miller with his children's nanny in 2005, and he has revealed people still perceive him as a love rat even though it's not true.

Jude Law Not 'fulfilled' By Films So Far
Mon, 04 Mar 2013 18:28:26 | Rate news: +1
Jude Law is ''proud'' but not ''fulfilled'' by his career so far.

The 'Side Effects' star turned 40 at the end of December and is looking forward to taking his acting to a new level as he enters a new decade of his life.

A Newly 40 Jude Law Shows Off His Sexy, Hairy Chest While Bodyboarding In Hawaii
Thu, 03 Jan 2013 03:47:35 | Rate news: -1
Over the weekend Jude Law rode the waves on a bodyboard with his youngest son Rudy and a friend in Hawaii.


Jude Law Not A 'young Pretty Thing' Anymore
Thu, 29 Nov 2012 18:31:50 | Rate news: +1
Jude Law is happy to not be a ''young pretty thing'' anymore.

The 39-year-old actor made his name in a string of heartthrob roles, including lead parts in 'Alfie', 'Sleuth' and 'The Holiday', but he took on a different part for him in 'Anna Karenina' - in which he plays Keira Knightley's ageing husband.

Jude Law Dating Wardrobe Assistant Ellen Crawshaw
Sun, 25 Nov 2012 13:28:53 | Rate news: +1
Jude Law is dating wardrobe assistant Ellen Crawshaw.

The 39-year-old actor allegedly fell for East London girl Ellen on the set of his new gangster film 'Dom Hemingway' and the pair have been ''inseparable'' since their romance took off in October.

Jude Law: I'm Faithful
Fri, 16 Nov 2012 07:19:45 | Rate news: -1
Jude Law insists he is a ''faithful soul''.

The 'Anna Karenina' actor - who embarked on a romance with Sienna Miller shortly after splitting from wife Sadie Frost, and whose engagement to the 'Factory Girl' star was called off amid allegations he had cheated on her with his children's nanny - believes he is misunderstood by many people and can't understand why he has been branded a ''womaniser''.

Jude Law: 'hacking Scandal Turned My Life Into A Public Soap Opera'
Sun, 09 Sep 2012 18:01:24 | Rate news: -1
Hollywood actor JUDE LAW has blamed Britain’s hacking scandal for turning his life into a "public soap opera", insisting he began to distrust his close friends and family when personal details started appearing in the press.The Alfie star won $208,000 (£130,000) in damages from Rupert Murdoch’s now-defunct News of the World tabloid amid allegations his

Jude Law's Children Banned Him From School
Tue, 04 Sep 2012 18:27:28 | Rate news: +1
Jude Law was banned by his children from picking them up from school while filming 'Anna Karenina'.

The British actor plays the leading role of Alexei Karenin in the movie - starring Keira Knightley as the titular character - and he admits his eldest kids, Rafferty, 15, Iris, 11 and Rudy, nine, would not allow him to go to their school when he had to have an unflattering haircut and beard.

Jude Law And Kimberly Stewart A Couple?
Tue, 20 May 2008 19:10:54 | Rate news: +1
Jude Law has sparked rumors he is dating veteran rocker Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly, after pictures of the pair enjoying a steamy clinch were published by a British tabloid newspaper.

Jude Law And Kimberly Stewart Dating?
Tue, 20 May 2008 18:48:17 | Rate news: -1
Jude Law has been spotted passionately kissing Kimberly Stewart.

The 'Alfie' actor spent Saturday night with Rod Stewart's daughter at the One9Five Bar and Nightclub in Essex, South-east England.

Law Heading To Afghanistan
Tue, 20 May 2008 18:11:22 | Rate news: -1
British actor JUDE LAW is planning a trip to war-torn Afghanistan to premiere a film about world peace.The Alfie star paid a secret visit to the Middle Eastern state last year (07), where he met officials and filmed discussions about the United Nation’s (UN) annual Peace Day.The UN voted unanimously to adopt Peace Day in

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