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  "Great Job" In some of the movies that I have seen you in.

by Cheri 2009-04-15 05:26:59 :: Posts:0

Mr Grant:

I love your “accent.”   I have read that you would like to quite acting.  I have enjoyed your work, we need more romance in today’s world with a little laughter, not all the tracery romance that we see today but  the gentleness that  I have seen you and your co-stars bring.   Thanks again, for what you bring to the screen.  I wish you “Great Success”


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by Yvette clark 2009-08-23 03:56:07 :: Posts:0

love films are good and all but; if your not happy . I remember reading about one of the prince's of England was unhappy because no one noticed him." wow"  celebrity-ism is a bad drug . every day you need a new hit. its kind of like love after you meet somone and your excited about them a year or two later your not satified and you find someone new cause your hooked on the infatuation part because real love is a promise you can't break and you never been in love. and your hooked on a feeling. and in an adventure of finding that first feeling can't never be so you remain searching for false feeling an imitation of the real thing kind of like acting , an imitation of the real thing. trully yvette clark

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