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  Hugh Grant Had A Threesome Dirty Dinner?

by Milch-Sinosu 2007-12-15 10:54:53 :: Posts:0
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Hugh Grant reportedly offended others eating at the same restaurant he was at the other evening when he and his date were tonguing each other while his pal stroked her thigh.  Very classy eh?

To think that Hugh couldn't get more disgusting after getting busted with a prostitute years ago is obviously a mistake.  The actor who is growing into a DOM (dirty old man) was making out with his mystery lady in full view of the grossed out diners at Roka restaurant.

Why would they be so disgusted by that though? Doesn't everyone like to watch other people making out and getting groped while they eat their dinner?  A source said:

"They sat on the sofa next to us with the girl in the middle. Soon, Hugh started snogging her full-on. Meanwhile the other guy was touching the girl's thigh. It was like Hugh accepted it."

The source added:

"Hugh put his fingers in her mouth. She was sucking his fingers."

YUM, sounds delicious...even finger-licking good.  Maybe they should take part in a KFC commercial while they're at it.  Don't we wish all dates were like this? Oink Oink!

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by anna slay 2008-01-27 18:27:39 :: Posts:0

dont we get it everybody thats anybody probable have everybody this is the crap life the famous lead with their boob job arse job face lift even the men are doing it and if jemima khan thought for one moment she could tame him , its a joke these people always find some bimbo thats their life no respect  trying to tame them dont work even the woman its all about who slept with who has this who has that we dont give a shit let then all get aids divorce and whatever they are no better than animals and for jemima she should have stuck with imran it may have been boring at times but look whats happened to you since you left imran you will be continuely used until no body wants you like all the celebs hugh was supposed to be soooooooo upset when she dumped him and begged her to come back didnt take him long eh jemima these people are no better than animals and every idiot in the universe wants to be like them only the ones with a brain i used to like hugh but he is so disgusting and embarrassing its pitiful this is the celeb life so much money but no brain no marriages last  these people are just sad so what they have money thats not everything id rather have a great marriage and not get passed like a dog these people dont even realise it until one day they cant get anymore boob jobs  arse lift and find themselves with all their bits sitting at home at the end of their lives with no one sad life

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by yvette clark 2009-08-23 02:50:55 :: Posts:0

oh, yea girl i couldnt have put it better i had just posted on my facebook almost exactly the same. i have been watching hugh and listening to his  comments about his life he is not happy he is trying to find it but it isn't in all that money elvis was lonely at the end to but he finally found God and died immediatly as if God were saying you've had enough come home but thats not everyone .Hugh needs to go to church and not just any church.

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