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Cary Grant
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Nickname: Archibald Leach /
Known for: North by Northwest, Charade, The Philadelphia Story
Birth name: Archibald Alexander Leach
Birthday: 18 January 1904, Horfield, Bristol, England, UK
Height: 6' 1½" (1.87 m)

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Ranked #7 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]
Ian Fleming modeled the James Bond character partially with Grant in mind.
From 1933 onwards, he occasionally shared a house with Randolph Scott. There were many rumors about their relationship. Scott often referred to himself, jokingly, as Grant's wife. Many studio heads threatened not to employ them unless they lived separately.
He gave his entire fee for The Philadelphia Story (1940) to the British war effort.
Turned down the role of James Bond in Dr. No (1962), believing himself to be too old at 58 to play the character.
Donated his entire salary for Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) ($100,000) to the U.S. War Relief Fund.
He never said "Judy, Judy, Judy" in the movies, which he credits to Larry Storch, but he did say "Susan, Susan, Susan" in Bringing Up Baby (1938).
On American Film Institute's list of top 100 U.S. love stories, compiled in June 2002, Grant led all actors with six of his films on the list. His An Affair to Remember (1957) was ranked #5; followed by: #44 The Philadelphia Story (1940) #46 To Catch a Thief (1955) #51 Bringing Up Baby (1938) #77 The Awful Truth (1937) #86 Notorious (1946)
Grant, who was 59 at the time he filmed the romantic thriller Charade (1963), felt he was too old to play the love interest for Audrey Hepburn, who at 33 was 26 years younger than him. He demanded that the script make clear that it was Audrey pursuing him, not vice versa. He also added a number of wry jokes denoting the difference in age.
Although he became a Paramount contract player early in his film career, when the contract was up, he made an unusual decision for the time: he decided to freelance. Because his films were so successful at the box office, he was able to work at any studio he chose for the majority of his career.
Thanks mainly to the strength and physical dexterity he gained as an acrobat when he was young, he did a majority of his own stunts during his film career (far more than people would think).
He remained close to Barbara Hutton's son Lance Reventlow after their divorce. The boy regularly stayed with Grant on some weekends. Grant referred to him as his son, was devastated when he died in a plane crash and helped Barbara with the funeral arrangements.
Paramount Studios named him Cary Grant while he began his film career, because the similarity of the name to Gary Cooper, their biggest male star, (C.G. being an inversion of G.C.) and possibly because Clark Gable had the same initials. Gable and Cooper were born with their last names, however, with Grant having been born Archibald Leach.
According to his will (dated 26th November 1984), his body was to be cremated and no funeral service held. His ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean.
The late Christopher Reeve said that he based his portrayal of Clark Kent in the Superman films on Grant in the early part of his career.
Was hyperopic or "far-sighted." That is why in many publicity stills, he is seen holding a pair of glasses.
Was largely self-educated as he had dropped out of school at age 14. He was, however, a voracious reader throughout life.
Often spoke of his relationship with Sophia Loren as one of the most passionate romances in his life.
Fell madly in love with Sophia Loren while filming The Pride and the Passion (1957), despite the fact that he was married to actress Betsy Drake. However, Loren was seriously involved with producer Carlo Ponti, and her passion fizzled when the film wrapped.
Participated in an experimental psychotherapy program in which he was prescribed LSD. Betsy Drake encouraged him to take the drug (as part of a medical experiment), as he wanted to examine his failed marriages. He underwent about 100 sessions, and said that he benefited greatly from them.
Maintained a year-round suntan to avoid wearing make up.
Alfred Hitchcock once toyed with the idea of casting him as Hamlet (in what would have been a modern-dress film version of Shakespeare's play), but he never got around to it.
Is portrayed by John Gavin in Sophia Loren: Her Own Story (1980) (TV) and by Michael-John Wolfe in The Aviator (2004)
Was the original choice to play Rupert Cadell in Rope (1948), but he was unavailable, so the part went to James Stewart instead (whom Grant would later replace as the lead in _North By Northwest (1959)_). Rope (1948) features references to Grant and the earlier Hitchcock film he appeared in Notorious (1946) with Ingrid Bergman.
On April 18, 1947, King George VI awarded Grant the King's Medal for Service in the Cause of Freedom, citing his "outstanding service to the British War Relief Society."
His performance as Dr. David Huxley in Bringing Up Baby (1938) is ranked #68 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time (2006).
When his daughter Jennifer was born, he gave wife Dyan Cannon a diamond and sapphire bracelet as a keepsake.
Writer Sidney Sheldon used Grant as the prototype for Rhys Williams, a character in the novel "Bloodline."
He was a big baseball fan, originally supporting the New York Giants and then the L.A. Dodgers.
He became an American Citizen on June 26, 1942, under naturalization certificate #5502057.
He always wore a gold chain around his neck with three charms attached. The three charms represented the religions of each of his former wives: a St. Christopher for Virginia Cherrill (Roman Catholic), a small cross for Barbara Hutton and Betsy Drake (Protestants), and a Star of David for Dyan Cannon (Jewish. (Donaldson)
If you look closely at his teeth, you'll find that he only has one incisor (front tooth). Apparently when he was a boy he knocked out a tooth while ice skating. Rather than get into trouble with his father, he opted to go to a nearby dental college and have them gradually push his other teeth together to fill in the gap. Only one person (an eagle-eyed cinematographer) ever noticed and mentioned it to him. It's described in depth in the book "Evenings with Cary Grant".
Was the only actor Alfred Hitchcock was said to "love." Hitch said that James Stewart was the "everyman", but never cast Stewart after Vertigo (1958) flopped, which he blamed on Stewart now looking too old to draw in the crowds. Ironically, Grant was actually four years older than Stewart.
Initially refused Stanley Donen's offer to appear in Charade (1963), but-realizing that it was a great part-accepted it after a while. He made one stipulation: Audrey Hepburn had to chase him, not visa-versa.
Said Indiscreet (1958), to be his personal favorite film.
Maintained good physical health until becoming ill with high blood pressure in the late 1970s. In October 1984 he suffered a minor stroke, which limited his appearances thereafter.
Held a press conference announcing his retirement from acting early in 1953, saying he was very angry over Hollywood's treatment of director Charles Chaplin, who had recently been blacklisted for his liberal political beliefs.
Alfred Hitchcock originally planned to cast Grant in the role of the publisher and Montgomery Clift as Brandon Rope (1948). However the established homosexual relationship between Leopold and Loeb, and the tacit recognition of a similar tie between Hamilton's killers, persuaded Grant and Clift to steer clear of the project to avoid long term commercial repercussions.
Although fifty when To Catch a Thief (1955) was filmed, Grant was still playing a character of thirty-five.
Biography in: "The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives". Volume Two, 1986-1990, pages 346-348. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1999.
Although he had been considered a liberal during his career, after his retirement from acting he emerged as a major supporter of Richard Nixon in the late 1960s.
Considered for the leading role of "Ladri di biciclette" (1948).
He was director Howard Hawks's first choice to play the lead in Man's Favorite Sport? (1964), but he turned it down because he was 59 and leading lady Paula Prentiss was 25 years old.
Was very close friends with Ingrid Bergman, his co-star in both Indiscreet (1958) and Notorious (1946). Grant was one of the few who supported her throughout her notorious affair with Rossellini, and while Bergman was in exile in Italy he accepted her Best Actress Oscar in 1958.
At the time of his death, his estate was valued at $60 million.
Underwent a hernia operation in the spring of 1977.
Became seriously ill with infectious hepatitis and jaundice in 1948, and doctors gave him a less than ten per cent chance of survival. The problem was the damage that years of heavy drinking had done to his liver. Grant took more than six months to recover.
Turned down James Mason's role in A Star Is Born (1954).
He turned down the role of Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady (1964) because he felt he would either not be as good as Rex Harrison, who had originated the part on the London stage and on Broadway, or he would be accused of imitating Harrison. He told producer Jack L. Warner that unless Harrison was cast, he would not even go to see the film.
He and his fifth wife Barbara Harris renewed their wedding vows on 11 April 1986, the fifth anniversary of their marriage.
For a scene in The Grass Is Greener (1960), he refused to wear a smoking jacket, fearing he would immediately lose the support of the audience if he were seen dressed like that. The director later recalled that an old-fashioned kind of comedy had died that day, and it never came back.
He initially decided to end his 1953 retirement just to make To Catch a Thief (1955). When the film proved to be a huge success he agreed to make further films.
Elton John recalled that one of the highlights of his 1976 tour of the United States was meeting Grant backstage after a concert.
He actively sought James Stewart's role in Bell Book and Candle (1958), and Clark Gable's role in Teacher's Pet (1958).
Cary Grant and Charlton Heston attended a dinner at 10 Downing Street honoring the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whom they both greatly admired. Afterward Heston said to his wife Lydia, "You know I sat next to Mrs Thatcher." She replied, "That's nothing - I got to sit next to Cary Grant!".
Once shared a house with his close friend Noel Coward early in his Hollywood career.
Once lived with the silent movie star William Haines.
His daughter Jennifer gave birth to a son, Cary Benjamin Grant on August 12th, 2008.
Grant was nearly 34 when he made Bringing Up Baby (1938) and had been worried that he might not ever become a major star, since younger actors like Errol Flynn and James Stewart were already established stars.
He can be seen in the audience and backstage in the Elvis Presley concert documentary "That's The Way It Is" (1970).
He strongly disliked Method acting.

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